Bluedio LS loud speaker

Bluedio LS loud speaker

Bluedio LS loud speaker

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3D surround stereo , Bring you shocking sound quality
Full range surrounded sound system likes being in the theater. Using it at home makes you travelling completely in the music ocean and the movie more interesting. 3D lossless sound quality gives back listeners every music detail. Life is no longer dull and boring.
Bluedio LS loud speaker, 7.1 sound card surrounded stereo, Bluetooth 5.0, long-distance transmission with no barrier, support multiple protocols
7.1 theater-like sound effect
7.1 soundtrack and theater sound provides you with abundant voice changes. Equipped with 52mm large horn makes the speaker more explosive. Your recognition will be refreshed by accurate sound frequency and rich dynamic bass.

Slim figure, big energy
The small body speaks shocking voice. The speaker gets rid of space restriction and allows you to owe high quality TV speaker and enjoy high quality sound anytime and anywhere.

Professional tuner design
We have specialized tuners research sound program combined with accumulated technology by generations. The created high quality sound keeps you listening always without boring. High quality acoustic equipment provides you a variety of music world.

Bluetooth 5.0 mode
Internal-equipped high quality wireless Bluetooth 5.0 system supports A2DP、AVRCP、HSP、HFP agreement and quickly connects mobile phone. It’s more clear to the phone call and viewing. There is no need to turn on TV when you enjoy the high quality music. The large speaker adopts wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology and advanced digital audio dealing method letting you enjoy more fun.

Mobile speaker
It can be used of mobile speaker if there is 5V power equipment or 5V mobile power. The newest Bluetooth 5.0 brings more stable sound quality and Superior power consumption. Using endurance is more excellent.

You can connect microphone for fun when you are spare. It also can accompany you in office or conference.

10 meters long-distance transmission
The effective range of Bluetooth connecting can achieve 10 meters without barrier and support Bluetooth calls. The frequency range in 20Hz-20kHz can easily connect phone, tablet, computer and others. The strength of connection is higher, the performance more stable and sound quality more pure. The sound effect of being theater and concert can be enjoyed at home.

The key and the operation is simple and clear
The way of wireless Bluetooth connection drives away upset of messy wired connection. Mobile phone and computer are applicable.

USB sound card model and Bluetooth model
Support USB and Bluetooth connection. More transmission ways makes owing more playability and configuration become possible while satisfy HD sound quality.

Simple and clear exterior design
Concise but not simple. It can be put in the living room performed the sense of fashion and fusion other home facilities. Concise exterior design makes homes more supplementary. Although the appearance is simple, but the internal collation rich.

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