Muggo Mug

Muggo Mug

Muggo Mug

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Description :

Designed to be used outside, the Muggo Mug keep your coffee hot. Our smart temperature mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee isn’t too hot, or too cold.

Muggo is a high-tech coffee mug with built-in heating technology that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for as long as you like. Control the temperature of your tea or coffee with precision for an ideal drinking experience. Muggo’s conductive wireless magnetic charging is easy to use and super convenient. Connect the battery magnetically with one hand, pick your preferred temperature by using the touchscreen buttons, then take your coffee or tea on the go and enjoy it at any time.

Informations : 

  • Capacity : 350mL. Enjoy for hours.
  • Premium materials BPA-FREE.
  • Long-life battery : 3 hours (4800 MAH).

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